10 Surprising Artifacts of Kings and Queens Worth Seeing in This Museum

Artifacts of Kings and Queens

There is no doubt about the fact that you will discover reminders and monuments of the history of America wherever you find yourself in the United States of America. There are various objects that speak straight to the American experience, whether it is the artifacts of kings and queens, Wright Flyer, Statute of Liberty or Early drawings of Mickey Mouse.

Here are 10 surprising Artifacts of kings and queens worth seeing in this museum.

  1. RMS Queen Mary – The RMS Queen Mary was at one occasion the best ever passenger ship, but it is now a distinctive attraction in the museum. The ship was withdrawn from service and moved to Long Beach, California, where it is now used as restaurants, hotel as well as an amateur radio station.
  2. London Bridge, Lake Haven City – London Bridge never fell down, despite the warning implied by the nursery rhyme. N 1967, the stone exterior of the bridge was disbanded into pieces and sold to an Arizona developer known as Robert McCulloch.
  3. Adolf Hitler Typewriter and Telephone – The allied and American forces carted away with some of the personal properties of Adolf Hitler such as telephone, typewriter and lots more. The phone can now be found at the Army Signal Corps Museum, Fort Gordon, Georgia. On the other hand, Adolf Hitler’s typewriter ca be seen in Bessemer Hall of History Museum, Alabama. The typewriter as claimed to have been taken from Eagle’s Nest on Hitler’s mountain. Order artifact of Adolf Hitler is the silver tea service deposited at Berman Museum in Anniston, Alabama.
  4. Nebra Sky Disk – This is a bronze disc of 3,600 years of age. It was an astonishing piece originally believed to be an archeological falsification. Nevertheless, comprehensive analysis exposed that it is certainly genuine. This valuable artifact is added in the register of Memory of the World, maintained by UNESCO. Nebra Sky Disk had been ritually buried in a primitive enclosed space on top of a Mittelberg hill, together with two expensive swords, one bronze chisel, two spiral arm-rings and two axes.
  5. Viking Coin – This coin was discovered by Guy Mellgren during a dig of a Native American Village site in Maine in the year 1957. This small silver coin was identified as a Norse and not as Native American by a coin dealer, two decades later.
  6. The Wooden Leg of Santa Ana, Springfield, Illinois – Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (Mexican President) lost his leg when he was fighting against France in the Pastry, two years after leading the assault at the Battle of the Alamo. This wood and cork leg can now be found at the Illinois State Military Museum.
  7. Terracotta Baby Toy, Bottle and Rattle, Italy – The archaeologists in Italy discovered a 2,400 years old terracotta bay bottle doubled as a pig-shaped toy. This exceptional artifact represents one of the more than a few uncommon objects discovered in Manduria. The relic is acknowledged as a guttus, representing a vessel having a narrow neck or mouth from which liquids were poured.  They were designed for taking wine and other drinks, but in this situation, guttus was used for feeding a baby or young child. 
  8. German Submarine, Chicago – The 1944 naval warfare led to the capture f German submarine U-505, which is the first open sea to be captured by the United States Navy of an enemy warship. Years after the war, Gallery stepped forward and assisted in facilitating a move to the Museum of Science and Industry, when the sub was about to be scrapped.
  9. Thor’s Hammer, Denmark – Thor is a hammer-wielding god related with fertility, healing, hallowing, the protection of mankind, strength, oak trees, storms, lighting, and thunder, according to Norse mythology. The hammer of Thor has offered solution to a long-running mystery facing over 1,000 ancient amulets discovered all over Northern Europe.
  10. The Man Eating Lions, Chicago – These are dishonorable man-eaters at the Field Museum, Chicago. These Tsavo lions were responsible for the deaths of 35 laborers and workers in a period 9 months in 1898. However, John Henry Patterson hunted the two lions in December 1898 and took them home to be used as rugs. He later sold them to the Field Museum where they were stuffed and exhibited.

10 Reasons You Must Visit the Monaco Yacht Show

Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco annual Yacht Show is an exclusive occasion to see an extraordinary fleet of 120 distinctive mega-yachts and super-yachts gauging 25 meters to 100 meters, plus 40 new models featuring at the show along with a sensational Monaco setting. Yacht show that began as an industry conference designed to associate management companies, shipyards and brokers is the biggest event in Monaco. Yacht show that started on a very small note have turned to a big event today, hosting a lot of people from different parts of the world.

Here are 10 reasons you must visit the Monaco Yacht Show

1. Visit, Test Drive and Buy Newly Made Car Deck

The fact that you are interested in yachts doesn’t mean that you cannot fancy expensive luxury cars as well. This show will display some of these enclosed lounges of exotic models from brands like Tesla, Centigon, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce. Not just can yacht show participants see these beautiful vehicles, each of them will also be on ground for test drives and buying.

2. Admire Made in Italy – one of the largest sailing yachts

The Made in Italy 70-meter Sybaris will be on display for your admiration at the show. It is a classy vessel that will house 12 guests and will showcase its art collection because it is a yacht with significance.

3. Navigate more than 125 Super-yacht models

The annual Monaco Yacht Show always displays many new brands of yachts from the shipyards all over the world. When you attend this show, you will be able to navigate these yachts together with the other models on display. Without exaggerating, more than 125 Super Yachts including Sanlorenzo and Baglietto will be on display. These vessels were selected to be on display due to their excellent engineering, design and striking aesthetics.

4. An Insight into what the premiere shipyards of the world have been up to

It is an opportunity for attendees to see newly developed yachts from renowned yachting companies. It is actually a competition to discover the company with the best and biggest yachts introduced to the market. In a nutshell, the premieres and announcements will surely be one of the best parts of the Monaco Yacht Show for all yachting aficionado.

5. The Show is one of the best VIP lounges in history

One great aspect of Monaco Yacht Show is that it has always become larger, improved and more incredible since it was inaugurated some years back, and the same applies for its VIP lounges. Magnificently delicious bites will be served, drinks will be flowing, music will be pumping — it will be a remarkable party. Mixed with beautiful backdrop and yacht displays, it is profusely apparent why this event is so exceedingly probable.

6. Discover 40 Brand new Launches

The large percentage of the world premiering yachts on display is one thing that made the Monaco Yacht Shows famous. The show is an opportunity to discover 40 brand new launches of yachts. Different notable shipyards will be available to showcase their newly developed designs, technology and vision of yachting.

7. The Introduction of New Water Toys

The Monaco Yacht Show would not be absolute without the addition of water toys from reputable companies of the world — after all; most magnificence yachts are with tenders that hold a collection of equipment intended to make sea tours more of an adventure.

8. Help Protect the Environment

The MYS helps in protecting the environment by engaging in compelling shipyards and customers to use only wood specialized as starting off from sustainably-maintained forests. This is to support the Prince Albert II Foundation to progressively stop deforestation. A considerable amount of every distinct entry ticket aids the planners to raise funds for the Foundation.

9. Overwhelming Cocktail Parties and Abundance of Opportunities to Network

The Monaco Yacht Show is an opportunity for overwhelming cocktail parties and abundance of opportunities to network or meet people from all walks of life. Yachting executives and will find more than enough chances to rub elbows in course of allowing their hair to down a bit.

10. A Stunning In-water Exhibition of Attractive Yachts

The in-water exhibition at the event will be like an art show on water — splendor all over and a display case of architecture and naval design at its premium. A lot of participants at the MYS are delighted by the yacht show only, just because it is put together to provide a finest view of the best features of each model. Each curve, profile and characteristic on these vessels will be inspiring and worth seeing


10 Reasons Milan Fashion Week Is the Bell of All Fashion Weeks

Milan Fashion Week

With prominent such as Gucci and Bottega Veneta sitting out this round, looking forward to mingle women and men’s wear previews, fashion houses are enduring their reboot of Milan Fashion Week contributions, making provision for an overabundance of neophytes. It is noteworthy that the Milan Fashion Week is for all and sundry and not for the big players alone. There are opportunities for medium and small fashion designers to find new brands, see fashion exhibitions and of course get discovered in a city with factually lots of brands.

Here are 10 reasons Milan Fashion Week is the bell of all fashion weeks.

  1. There is no Language Barrier – The language barrier is one of the most intimidating aspects of Milan Fashion Week for nearly all the non-Italian participants. If you believe you can do everything in Italian language, then communicating with PR contacts, reaching out to brands as well as getting accredited might look difficult. With English everywhere, you will avoid the language barrier issues. The fashion board of Italy in charge of the Milan Fashion Week has got a website in English where emails and communications were interpreted into English.
  2. Carve a Niche for You – This event is an opportunity for designers to carve a niche for themselves and make their worth known to the entire world. The event that always witness dignitaries from all works of life is always the best opportunity for you to showcase your work and get patronized.
  3. Opportunity to Learn about New Trends in the Fashion Industry – Flexibility and dynamism is now the order of the day. Things change everyday and fashion is not an exemption. Milan Fashion Week will not only allow you to showcase your wares, but also let you learn new trends in the fashion industry to be up to date.
  4. It is Cross-cultural – The show is not based on a particular culture but crosses over all cultural groups. In other words, everybody have equal opportunity to participate actively.
  5. Turn out to be the Paparazzi – Milan Fashion Week is where many fashion designers of the world were discovered, meaning that the more outrageous the look of your fashion blog, the more attention you will get.
  6. Classic Re-echoed or reinterpreted – As a matter of fact, a lot of designers such as Giorgio Armani have reinterpreted classics with modern edge. For instance, the double-breasted suits with lose trousers and soft hemlines recalled the cool of the 1940s, even as the fur collars on the overcoats harkened to a mod of the 1970s. this is all about modernizing or redesigning the old styles of clothes.
  7. You’ll find more private jet setting billionaires here than any other event in the world.
  8. Discover Luxury Active Wear – There are quite a lot of lessons to learn at the Milan Fashion Week, just like one of the renowned designer at the event. It is worth mentioning that the active wear is one of the major segments of the Milan Fashion Week, despite the fact that there was no even a luxury choice!
  9. Courting Millennial – The show is also a great opportunity to court millennial. With this opportunity of ultimate branding move, you can design or create images of yourself in the style that will grab the attention of your audience or probable customers at the event. In conjunction with the trademark of the brand tailored suits, the current collection comprises of knapsacks as well as the madcap plush animal head hoods, and Rasta knit hats or crowns over baseball caps.
  10. Great Opportunity for those Looking for Change – The Milan show is a great chance for people who want to be dynamic and want to know more about vocational training including tailoring and studio maintenance. You can venture in a specialized area without the need of educational certificates or qualifications.
  11. Monumental Appearances – New artistic emanates and breaks codes, depending on intense textures and keen constructions that defines new function as far as monumental looks are concern. On the other hand, as tailoring modified wears, the appearances exuded relaxed sophistication.

10 Reasons Cricket Is Taking Over the World and Why You Should Get on Board


Cricket is among the popular games of the world just like tennis, badminton, hockey and football to mention but a few. Of all these games however, cricket holds the majority share in terms of playing numbers and people following.

Here are 10 reasons Cricket is taking over the world and why you should get on board.

  1. It is Quite Simple: As a matter of fact, playing cricket is an easy task. It only involves a bat, a ball as well as at least two players to play the game. You can even play cricket in the very smallest place such as a street ally, a road or even in a room.
  2. Excellent and Improved Infrastructure – Cricket has a lot of coaching places unlike other sports. There is always a standard cricket stadium in almost all the countries of the world. The simplicity of the game coupled with improved infrastructure is responsible for attracting more and more people including children to the game.
  3. Cricket is a force to reckon with – With various competitions being organized by ICC, the game has been a force to reckon with. There are always the ICC Cricket World Cups where countries of the world will vie for honors.
  4. A Great Money Spinner – Cricket is both an immense sensation and a great money spinner as far as sporting history concerned. There are quite a lot of top cricket players across the world who play the game for huge money! The amount of money associated with cricket competition would attract any budding cricketer to itself.
  5. It Accommodates all Heights and Builds Physical Quotient – Quite a lot of people cannot take part in the game of hockey, football and tennis because they don’t have the physical strength, substantial match fitness and good height involved. Cricket takes care of all these.
  6. A very Strong Controlling Body – The body controlling the activities of cricket across the world is very strong and they carry out their duties without fear or favor. The body takes adequate steps to protect and prosper the interest of cricketing across the world.
  7. World Class Players – Since cricket is an entertaining game, there are world class cricketers that will always give you value for your money anytime you are out there to watch your favorite game. Each of these wonderful players is enough to inspire many people to join the game.
  8. Adequate Facilities – Players keep excelling in the game of cricket because there are adequate facilities for them to exhibit their skills and expertise of the game. There are coaches and infrastructures available.
  9. Sponsors and Advertisements – Cricketers have made fortunes for themselves from sponsors and advertisements by supporting more than a few products and appearing in many commercials. Are you wondering why this is happening in cricket and not in any other sport?
  10. Exposure and Popularity – Being a world class cricketer is the beginning of popularity and exposure. Your exposure and popularity can even make you richer than your peers in the same category. You will be celebrated anywhere you find yourself in the society across the world.

9 Most Attended Luxury Events in 2016

Luxury Events

Every New Year brings about the best magnificence events to be present at in the expectation to find out about the best in each category. Luxury events in 2016 were no exemption. Luxury events will cater for your high luxury needs, whether you love supercars, haute couture or private jets.

Which ever way you look at it, here are 9 most attended luxury events in 2016.

  • International Kite Festival – This is the festival that brings a lot of local, national as well as international spectators together. International Kite Festival has turn out to be one of the biggest annual coming together of kite flyers ever since it was established in 1986, with a global impact together with display and events that are regularly reinvented at the discretion of its sponsors and the town council.
  • Paris Fashion Week – This is a luxury event where Jenner Kendal Spot showcased the latest looks from fashion houses like Chanel, Valentino and Dior or from prevailing designers like Simon Porte Jacquemus, Yang Li or Junichi Abe. Paris Fashion Week comes with excitement and fun and should therefore be added to your list of most attended events every year.
  • Monaco Yacht Show – This super-yacht exhibition is the largest event in the world. Monaco Yacht Show is patronized by Prince Albert of Monaco, giving an insight into the world of super yachts for visitors and aficionadas alike.
  • The New York Fashion Week – New York fashion week is a luxury event you must attend, particularly if you are in the fashion circuit. New York is a city that characterizes exclusivity and luxury. This event is the mother of all fashion shows and the landing strip shows of the most talked about designers.
  • The BaseWorld – This event is the event of jewelry and watch. As a matter of fact, BaseWorld brings fine jewelry and luxury watch industry leaders together.
  • Art Basel, Miami – This is the foremost event that stages the present-day and modern art exhibitions. This yearly event that was established by gallerists in 1970 normally takes place in Basel, Miami Beach. Art Basel has contributed a lot to support the role played by galleries in the cultivation of the artists as well as the growth and back-up of visual arts.
  • Barcelona Bridal Week – This is a fashion week that showcases the latest designs from a number of best bridal designers in the universe.  While you enjoy the deluxe European environment, get some wedding inspiration.
  • 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair – This is the luxury fair that brings an assortment of initiatives in eco-friendly design together with environmental conservation. It is an event that displays the latest trend in green comfort, bringing high fashion and ecological stewardship together.
  • Top Marques Monaco – This is an annual event that brings together all the big brands. Which event will allow you buy a Patek Philippe watch, test drive a Ferrari and also dine on Crystal Cavier all in a single place? In addition to all these, you can also fall back to a game of Baccarat at Casino de Monte-Carlo to make your visit more enjoyable and wonderful.