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Non-Diagnostic Ultrasound
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3D Ultrasound is an amazing new technology that allows you to see beautiful colour images and video of your unborn baby.

With 3D Ultrasound Pictures, you can actually see what you baby looks like before birth, and you can watch your baby move while it is still in the womb.

It is a wonderful way for mothers, fathers and siblings to begin bonding with the baby before he or she is born.

2D (Flat) imaging is ideal for viewing heartbeat, real-time fetal activity and gender.

A regular 2D ultrasound photo can be performed anytime after 12 weeks, but 18 weeks or later is recommended for gender determination.

Two-dimensional images solely displays height and width, generally appearing as an outline of the baby. The benefit of regular 3d Ultrasound Photos/Pictures is its ability to look "through" some obstacles, such as, a hand on the face.