Monaco Yacht Show

10 Reasons You Must Visit the Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco annual Yacht Show is an exclusive occasion to see an extraordinary fleet of 120 distinctive mega-yachts and super-yachts gauging 25 meters to 100 meters, plus 40 new models featuring at the show along with a sensational Monaco setting. Yacht show that began as an industry conference designed to associate management companies, shipyards and brokers is the biggest event in Monaco. Yacht show that started on a very small note have turned to a big event today, hosting a lot of people from different parts of the world.

Here are 10 reasons you must visit the Monaco Yacht Show

1. Visit, Test Drive and Buy Newly Made Car Deck

The fact that you are interested in yachts doesn’t mean that you cannot fancy expensive luxury cars as well. This show will display some of these enclosed lounges of exotic models from brands like Tesla, Centigon, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce. Not just can yacht show participants see these beautiful vehicles, each of them will also be on ground for test drives and buying.

2. Admire Made in Italy – one of the largest sailing yachts

The Made in Italy 70-meter Sybaris will be on display for your admiration at the show. It is a classy vessel that will house 12 guests and will showcase its art collection because it is a yacht with significance.

3. Navigate more than 125 Super-yacht models

The annual Monaco Yacht Show always displays many new brands of yachts from the shipyards all over the world. When you attend this show, you will be able to navigate these yachts together with the other models on display. Without exaggerating, more than 125 Super Yachts including Sanlorenzo and Baglietto will be on display. These vessels were selected to be on display due to their excellent engineering, design and striking aesthetics.

4. An Insight into what the premiere shipyards of the world have been up to

It is an opportunity for attendees to see newly developed yachts from renowned yachting companies. It is actually a competition to discover the company with the best and biggest yachts introduced to the market. In a nutshell, the premieres and announcements will surely be one of the best parts of the Monaco Yacht Show for all yachting aficionado.

5. The Show is one of the best VIP lounges in history

One great aspect of Monaco Yacht Show is that it has always become larger, improved and more incredible since it was inaugurated some years back, and the same applies for its VIP lounges. Magnificently delicious bites will be served, drinks will be flowing, music will be pumping — it will be a remarkable party. Mixed with beautiful backdrop and yacht displays, it is profusely apparent why this event is so exceedingly probable.

6. Discover 40 Brand new Launches

The large percentage of the world premiering yachts on display is one thing that made the Monaco Yacht Shows famous. The show is an opportunity to discover 40 brand new launches of yachts. Different notable shipyards will be available to showcase their newly developed designs, technology and vision of yachting.

7. The Introduction of New Water Toys

The Monaco Yacht Show would not be absolute without the addition of water toys from reputable companies of the world — after all; most magnificence yachts are with tenders that hold a collection of equipment intended to make sea tours more of an adventure.

8. Help Protect the Environment

The MYS helps in protecting the environment by engaging in compelling shipyards and customers to use only wood specialized as starting off from sustainably-maintained forests. This is to support the Prince Albert II Foundation to progressively stop deforestation. A considerable amount of every distinct entry ticket aids the planners to raise funds for the Foundation.

9. Overwhelming Cocktail Parties and Abundance of Opportunities to Network

The Monaco Yacht Show is an opportunity for overwhelming cocktail parties and abundance of opportunities to network or meet people from all walks of life. Yachting executives and will find more than enough chances to rub elbows in course of allowing their hair to down a bit.

10. A Stunning In-water Exhibition of Attractive Yachts

The in-water exhibition at the event will be like an art show on water — splendor all over and a display case of architecture and naval design at its premium. A lot of participants at the MYS are delighted by the yacht show only, just because it is put together to provide a finest view of the best features of each model. Each curve, profile and characteristic on these vessels will be inspiring and worth seeing