Milan Fashion Week

10 Reasons Milan Fashion Week Is the Bell of All Fashion Weeks

With prominent such as Gucci and Bottega Veneta sitting out this round, looking forward to mingle women and men’s wear previews, fashion houses are enduring their reboot of Milan Fashion Week contributions, making provision for an overabundance of neophytes. It is noteworthy that the Milan Fashion Week is for all and sundry and not for the big players alone. There are opportunities for medium and small fashion designers to find new brands, see fashion exhibitions and of course get discovered in a city with factually lots of brands.

Here are 10 reasons Milan Fashion Week is the bell of all fashion weeks.

  1. There is no Language Barrier – The language barrier is one of the most intimidating aspects of Milan Fashion Week for nearly all the non-Italian participants. If you believe you can do everything in Italian language, then communicating with PR contacts, reaching out to brands as well as getting accredited might look difficult. With English everywhere, you will avoid the language barrier issues. The fashion board of Italy in charge of the Milan Fashion Week has got a website in English where emails and communications were interpreted into English.
  2. Carve a Niche for You – This event is an opportunity for designers to carve a niche for themselves and make their worth known to the entire world. The event that always witness dignitaries from all works of life is always the best opportunity for you to showcase your work and get patronized.
  3. Opportunity to Learn about New Trends in the Fashion Industry – Flexibility and dynamism is now the order of the day. Things change everyday and fashion is not an exemption. Milan Fashion Week will not only allow you to showcase your wares, but also let you learn new trends in the fashion industry to be up to date.
  4. It is Cross-cultural – The show is not based on a particular culture but crosses over all cultural groups. In other words, everybody have equal opportunity to participate actively.
  5. Turn out to be the Paparazzi – Milan Fashion Week is where many fashion designers of the world were discovered, meaning that the more outrageous the look of your fashion blog, the more attention you will get.
  6. Classic Re-echoed or reinterpreted – As a matter of fact, a lot of designers such as Giorgio Armani have reinterpreted classics with modern edge. For instance, the double-breasted suits with lose trousers and soft hemlines recalled the cool of the 1940s, even as the fur collars on the overcoats harkened to a mod of the 1970s. this is all about modernizing or redesigning the old styles of clothes.
  7. You’ll find more private jet setting billionaires here than any other event in the world.
  8. Discover Luxury Active Wear – There are quite a lot of lessons to learn at the Milan Fashion Week, just like one of the renowned designer at the event. It is worth mentioning that the active wear is one of the major segments of the Milan Fashion Week, despite the fact that there was no even a luxury choice!
  9. Courting Millennial – The show is also a great opportunity to court millennial. With this opportunity of ultimate branding move, you can design or create images of yourself in the style that will grab the attention of your audience or probable customers at the event. In conjunction with the trademark of the brand tailored suits, the current collection comprises of knapsacks as well as the madcap plush animal head hoods, and Rasta knit hats or crowns over baseball caps.
  10. Great Opportunity for those Looking for Change – The Milan show is a great chance for people who want to be dynamic and want to know more about vocational training including tailoring and studio maintenance. You can venture in a specialized area without the need of educational certificates or qualifications.
  11. Monumental Appearances – New artistic emanates and breaks codes, depending on intense textures and keen constructions that defines new function as far as monumental looks are concern. On the other hand, as tailoring modified wears, the appearances exuded relaxed sophistication.