10 Reasons Cricket Is Taking Over the World and Why You Should Get on Board

Cricket is among the popular games of the world just like tennis, badminton, hockey and football to mention but a few. Of all these games however, cricket holds the majority share in terms of playing numbers and people following.

Here are 10 reasons Cricket is taking over the world and why you should get on board.

  1. It is Quite Simple: As a matter of fact, playing cricket is an easy task. It only involves a bat, a ball as well as at least two players to play the game. You can even play cricket in the very smallest place such as a street ally, a road or even in a room.
  2. Excellent and Improved Infrastructure – Cricket has a lot of coaching places unlike other sports. There is always a standard cricket stadium in almost all the countries of the world. The simplicity of the game coupled with improved infrastructure is responsible for attracting more and more people including children to the game.
  3. Cricket is a force to reckon with – With various competitions being organized by ICC, the game has been a force to reckon with. There are always the ICC Cricket World Cups where countries of the world will vie for honors.
  4. A Great Money Spinner – Cricket is both an immense sensation and a great money spinner as far as sporting history concerned. There are quite a lot of top cricket players across the world who play the game for huge money! The amount of money associated with cricket competition would attract any budding cricketer to itself.
  5. It Accommodates all Heights and Builds Physical Quotient – Quite a lot of people cannot take part in the game of hockey, football and tennis because they don’t have the physical strength, substantial match fitness and good height involved. Cricket takes care of all these.
  6. A very Strong Controlling Body – The body controlling the activities of cricket across the world is very strong and they carry out their duties without fear or favor. The body takes adequate steps to protect and prosper the interest of cricketing across the world.
  7. World Class Players – Since cricket is an entertaining game, there are world class cricketers that will always give you value for your money anytime you are out there to watch your favorite game. Each of these wonderful players is enough to inspire many people to join the game.
  8. Adequate Facilities – Players keep excelling in the game of cricket because there are adequate facilities for them to exhibit their skills and expertise of the game. There are coaches and infrastructures available.
  9. Sponsors and Advertisements – Cricketers have made fortunes for themselves from sponsors and advertisements by supporting more than a few products and appearing in many commercials. Are you wondering why this is happening in cricket and not in any other sport?
  10. Exposure and Popularity – Being a world class cricketer is the beginning of popularity and exposure. Your exposure and popularity can even make you richer than your peers in the same category. You will be celebrated anywhere you find yourself in the society across the world.